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As a student at the University of Maryland, it's inevitable that you'll wander along Route 1 in search of something to eat. College Park graduates launched Off - Campus Parking (OCP), to give you the opportunity to park anywhere on campus without the hassle of parking in a multi-storey car park, a car park or even a car park.

Nachos and hamburgers are definitely available for $7, but there's also a delicious brunch (avocado toast Benedict) and a small shop at the entrance where you can buy some things you just can't get enough for. American favourites such as seafood sandwiches and chicken are sold, as are the bestselling pizza and lasagna. And to beat yourself up, treat yourself to a beer or two in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.

Get a delicious sandwich today at one of the locations in College Park or order it and wait until you share the delicious food while you're inside to enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of coffee and maybe even a drink or two.

Next time you fancy a cheese platter - a slice of handmade pizza - check out College Park Domino's Pizza Restaurant to see if it's still open.

For those who crave Jamaican food, this hotspot offers a $15 meal - the last of lunch and dinner. The choice of Domino's. The chicken wings came out in 2011, and the food delivery in College Park didn't disappoint.

Chillies are pureed with fresh buttermilk to make Kickin 'Ranch, and homemade tuna salad is made from scratch. Noodles Company on Route 1 will save you the stomach bug for $10, and the restaurant offers a salad-based menu. The vegetables are cut by hand daily, bought locally and delivered fresh from the College Park Jimmy John's store. The restaurant advertises that they source all ingredients from local farmers, farms, farmers markets and grocery stores.

It may not beat your mother's chicken soup, but the difference from dominoes will taste so good that you honestly drool. Take a bite and your taste buds will be saved, and frankly, I'm not sure what to overdo.

Enter your postcode or address on the map to search for food and meals will be distributed free of charge. We support restaurants in the Greater Riverdale Community by providing healthy hot meals to the needy in our area.

We have partnered with the University of Maryland on many events and continue to provide satisfaction to families and visitors to College Park. Our restaurant has been open to the trade in the Riverdale community for over 30 years, closing its last location in 2011. Now that we are serving the CollegePark community again, we will be able to create a safe space for family and friends to enjoy time together. All locations of our global subway franchise system are located within the now closed segment of the George Washington University campus.

If you haven't made it to Hall in College Park, we'll let you know what to expect in the weeks and months ahead when we return to the Riverdale area. Come back to support this fun, child and dog-friendly place, which we highly recommend.

This dashboard provides the community with real-time food quality data based on UMD tests. Information is provided on food quality, price and availability, as well as the availability of ingredients.

This is intended as a guide to help College Park residents report problems. University of Maryland students who violate these rules will be referred to the university's Office of Student Conduct for possible sanctions. This is not a comprehensive list, and opinions differ on what action the university might take.

While there are many choices, this guide will help you point in the right direction and give you a better understanding of what is available to you when you live in College Park. Each kitchen prides itself on its own unique style of cooking, and each restaurant is connected to a 300-seat garage that provides ample parking for all restaurants in and around Downtown CollegePark.

The same ingredients are used for the food served in the small cafes and sandwich shops, but the meat used in these restaurants is cut to keep prices as low as possible and quality as close as possible to the original.

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