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The University of Maryland Art Gallery is in the process of finding an experienced curator to engage with the community it serves. The successful candidate will curate innovative exhibitions and assist the University's Maryland Arts Gallery in developing arts and culture programs for College Park, Maryland, and its residents. Applications for the position of Associate Curator of Art at UMD Art and Design Gallery are now being accepted.

The Curator in Residence is administratively supported by the University of Maryland and will be involved in all curatorial aspects during the stay. He or she will work closely with UMD Art and Design Gallery staff, faculty and students, and the College Park Community and Maryland Arts Gallery.

While College Park was founded to train the sons of planters, Maryland Agricultural College became home to several thousand Union troops during the Civil War. Today, the community is located in the heart of the Maryland Arts Gallery, and the University of Maryland Art and Design Gallery is installed at its current location. We are ready to serve as a high-quality site of the UMD campus, as well as a community of artists, students, faculty and staff.

He moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art and earned his B.A. from the University of Maryland, College Park. He later earned his M.S. in Art from Maryland State University and his Master of Arts in Fine Arts from UMD School of Design.

Koepsel holds a Master of Arts in Art from the University of Maryland, College Park School of Design and a B.A. in Fine Arts from UMD School of Design.

Students interested in fine arts and studio art should visit the Maryland Institute College of Art. The University of Maryland, College Park, is one of the largest and most prestigious public colleges and universities in the country, offering 118 graduate programs. Of the 118 bachelor's degree programmes, three offer online graduate and distance learning courses and are offered via the university's online courses in the humanities, social sciences and economics.

It is located in College Park, MD, in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, just a short drive from the Maryland State Capitol. Discover American history, visit the University of Maryland campus, enjoy dining, shopping and entertainment, or visit the Hampton Inn, a College Park hotel in the Tan. UMD Hotel is one of only a handful of full-service hotels in Maryland to offer a full-service restaurant, and is within walking distance of the university's main campus.

College Park, MD offers a variety of restaurants and access to the University of Maryland campus and Maryland State Capitol. The College Park Maryland Art Museum, the largest public art museum in the state, has begun the process of preserving its original design.

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The Townhouse is located at number 5903 and a guided tour is scheduled for Tuesday, March 1, 2017, at 7.30 a.m. Scholarship works with consultants and consultants in the use of ARTSYS and uses the red link to general education to show equivalences between MC and UMD.

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